STCON is engaged in the national and international development of projects in the area of technology, defense, security and public acquisitions. The extent of our services range from establishing first contact to customers, representatives and service providers, expands over the entire pre-sales, sales- and after-sales phase and is competed with the ecological management of decommissioned equipment (www.rewaste.at).

STCON’s second branch is the establishment of security management systems and strategies as well as awareness projects, providing protection from external threats, loss of sensitive data, social engineering and white-collar crime.

Our aim is the facilitation and realization of turnkey solutions to the benefit of our customers and clients by covering the entire life-cycle of a program and processes of an organization.

                   Stefan Szuecs 

Founded by Stefan Szucs, who held several senior management positions within the European Defense Industry the team of STCON provides expert knowledge, consulting and sales representation in selected European, Middle Eastern, African and South American markets.




Mag. Stefan Szcs

STCON Management & Consulting

Ludwiggasse 3a

1180 Wien



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