Business Ethics & Policy

STCON Security Solutions is based on fundamental ethical values ​​that determine our daily activities with customers, suppliers, governments and individuals. Compliance with these business ethics qualifies STCON  as a long-term and sustainable partner in a sensitive environment.

Business Thics

We put our customers at the center of our efforts and act according to their interests with our utmost care and diligence.

Obligations are met with the principles of contract compliance, accuracy, honesty, transparency and professionalism.

The highest level of professionalism, knowledge and application of the state of the art, adaptation to customer needs and  a rapid and proper fulfillment of our contracts  is a matter of course for us..

Our business is strictly determined by the laws and regulations by the EU and the Austrian government and the framework imposed by the OECD guidelines. All our actions which serve the fulfillment of a contract, are in line with existing laws and regulations. This includes but not is limited  all relevant requirement combating bribery and corruption.

If we become aware of circumstances which could jeopardize the performance of a contract, we shall immediately point out this fact to our customers.

If we become aware of circumstances under which an agreement could be detrimental to the client, we sall assume immediate notice and warning requirements.

We are commited to secrecy and confidentiality of all data, information and discovered facts entrusted by our customers and business partners. In particular, we neither give nor dispose information about customers and customer behavior.

We are committed to open competition in compliance with the legal framework. We treat our competitors an a way as may be reasonably expected from an honest businessmen towards himselves.

We do not use any illegal or dishonest means to obtain information, business, public contracts or to trade secret information of our competitors.

We protect our intellectual and physical property and ensure the protection of our employees.

We refrain from any discrimination based on age, health, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, ethnic origin, language, race, color, ethnicity, or nationality, religious or political views, and social affiliation.