Capitalizing on the outstanding qualifications, expertise and (international) business networks of its founders and key staff, STCON develops projects, business potentials and new market entries that are characterized by innovation in applied technologies, processes or products.

We put emphasis on rapid growth for later stage startups who have market traction and need to rapidly scale up. Therefore, STCON is targeted to startups that want to reduce time to market and have the ambition to go international.


STCON assists fast growing companies with solid market traction to accelerate rapidly and become global leaders through our worldwide network, community and extensive competences.

STCON offers a full suite of services: We aim to build and provide a comprehensive and attractive service offering to prepare and accelerate high tech companies, encourage innovation, job creation and enhance competitiveness


  1. Are European SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) on their way to going international or global and promising start-ups having passed the initial concept and technical risk stage.

Are innovative and high potential companies from Europe or abroad with breakthrough technologies or services, looking to scale up and take a leadership position in an international market.

Want to significantly increase their revenues over the next few years, leverage on their first mover advantage, capture as many markets as possible and sustain their leader position.

Have breakthrough technologies and services, a scalable business case and quantifiable market traction.

Need to reach international markets, mobilize talents to build up an international management team and access international capital.

Operate in one of the following industries: Mobility, Smart Technologies and Materials, Energy and Resources, Health and Well-being, Internet of Things, News Solutions for Financial Services, Media & Entertainment, Cloud.

Are foreign enterprises in the process of establishing an European sales & marketing footprint and/or looking for an industrial or commercial partner within CEE.

Are foreign (3rd county) enterprises having gained market traction in a local non-EU market, are seeking to access the EU market.